Bowler CBT Labs Juniper Series 3 Now Available

November 28, 2012

In this Series, 20 Brand New Juniper videos,  over 12 hours of training on the following topics:

OSPF: metrics, reference-bandwidth, hello and dead timers.
BGP: Confederations, EBGP Multihop, default routes, prefix limits, AS-Override, loops/advertise peer as, hold time and keepalives.
IPv6: BGP, IS-IS and default routes.
IS-IS: metrics, wide metrics, reference-bandwidth, route summarization, route leaking.
Tunneling: GRE Tunnels and IPv6IP Tunnels.
Redistribution: mutual redistribution between OSPF and RIPv2.

In addition to the 20 videos we provide you with the initial device configurations for all 20 labs.

To find out more details you can watch the Introduction to Juniper Series 3 video below:

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Instant download now available

December 29, 2011

Bowler CBT Labs is proud to announce all of our products are available for instant download. Save anywhere from 15% to 33% when you download:

Cisco R&S Series 1:

Cisco R&S Series 2:

Cisco R&S Series 1 and 2:

Juniper Series 1:

Cisco CCNA Security:

Cisco CCNP Security SECURE:

To view a detailed description and sample videos of all our products visit our website below:

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Bowler CBT Labs Juniper Series 1 Now Available!

September 23, 2011

In this Series, 20 Brand NEW Juniper videos, 11 1/2 hours of training on the following topics:

Juniper CLI Basics, Juniper Firewall Filters, Juniper Traceoptions, Juniper Routing Policy, Juniper OSPF, Juniper RIPv2, Juniper BGP, Juniper J-Web, Juniper to Cisco Common show commands and much more!

To find out more details you can watch the Introduction to Juniper Series 1 video below:

Also, you can check out my store below for more details:

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Bowler CBT Labs

September 1, 2010

Want top quality Cisco training? Don’t have a fortune to spend on training, then Bowler CBT Labs is for you.

Bowler CBT Labs was created with one simple vision in mind, to help train I.T. professionals all across the world at the lowest price available. I have had thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. If you are looking to obtain Cisco Certifications such as the CCNA, CCNP, CCIP or even the CCIE then Bowler CBT Labs will offer you the finest quality training materials at a fraction of the price of its competition.

Bowler CBT Labs is made up of video training labs in which I teach you complex and advanced network topics on Cisco routers and switches like BGP, MPLS, MPLS VPN’s, EIGRP, OSPF, IPv6, Multicast, DTP, VTP, VLAN’s, Etherchannels, Layer 2 VPN’s, RIPv2, Quality of Service (QoS), Frame Relay, PPP, ACL’s, Troubleshooting and much more.

For the lowest price guaranteed you receive 130 Total Cisco Routing and Switching Videos in .MP4 file format on 3 DVDs. In addition to watching the videos on your computer the videos can also be viewed on IPADs and other Tablet PCs. Over 85 hours  of High Quality in depth training based solely around Lab Tutorials in which I configure/troubleshoot and verify in a step-by-step easy to follow and understand method. These labs are based strictly around configuring routers and switches using the Cisco Command Line Interface (CLI) and are accompanied by easy to follow network topologies designed by myself. There are no “theory” based videos. Studies have proven that “hands on” training is the best and most efficient way to learn and that is strictly what I offer. So sit back, relax, start up your routers and switches and prepare to join me and prepare yourself for hours upon hours of “hands on” training.

If you are looking at just a single user license or if you would like to purchase a Multi user license feel free to contact me for more details or visit my webpage below for details:

You can also watch over 250 free samples on my youtube channel below.  Join me and over 1,000 other IT professionals below and start watching:

Still not satisfied? Below are some of the comments made by my customers:

  • “I would buy anything Steve Bowler has to sell.”   -fredhomeville1
  • “As an IT instructor (CCSI) and a CCNP I can honestly say this was the most helpful tool in understanding BGP routing and how to influence BGP traffic.” -drapizoid
  • “First-class product. Invaluable resource for Cisco certificate or job training.”-dh2596sat
  • “One of the best videos for ccna and ccnp review, and getting to ccie level!” – manusawhney
  • “Fantastic tutorial – I’m a junior level support technician – these videos are priceless.”  -jrevzen
  • “Great tool for those wanting to master Cisco technology.”  -akra123
  • “The best training material out there period.”  -kevin8985

I currently hold the following Cisco certifications:

CCNP, CCIP, CCDP, CCNA, CCDA, CCNA: Voice, CCNA: Wireless, CCNA: Security

Thank you for your time,

Stephen Bowler

CCIE Lab date Rescheduled

September 1, 2010

Sorry, I probably should have updated this blog about 3 months ago when I changed my lab date. But it has been changed to Sept. 27

Been in the trenches the last few months studying and creating my small business.

Too busy to talk now!

CCIE R&S lab has been scheduled

April 18, 2010

23 Aug 2010 is when I take the CCIE R&S lab in RTP, NC. I am very excited about the exam. I have also added a bunch of new videos on my youtube webpage.  I am on the INE Vol 2 WB right now and hope to complete all INE’s WB’s before I take the exam. I have also been doing INE’s CK, which is very good. I finished Narbik’s New V4 Workbooks, which were very good and taught me a lot about all topics on the exam. Topics in which I need to review before the exam include Multicast, OER, Redistribution and NAT.  Back to the Trenches!!

CCIE trenches are indeed rough

February 17, 2010

wow, its been about 3 months since i last updated my webpage, and it shows… anyway, almost done with Narbiks Labs and will be diving into Internetwork Experts labs next. I am about a week away from buying my 3550’s, when i get my tax return, then I’ll post some vids on my youtube webpage showing you all my Lab and how to set everything up from scratch. I can’t wait! So hang in there and I’ll update again when the lab is completely done and ready for the Volume 2 labs. Good luck with your studies!

By the way I have posted a lot more labs on my youtube webpage, so feel free to take a look at them:

Where have I been? BUSY!!

November 25, 2009

Well, I have been lost in the CCIE R&S lab world. Last week I completed Narbiks Advanced Technology Vol 3 Section. That is close to 200 pages of BGP. Talk about a lot of BGP. But thats cool, because I like BGP. Anyway, I am doing the Section on NAT right now. I hope to finish the Advanced Technology labs before the end of the year and review the material from them that I do not comprehend well.

As for my GNS3 Server, I finally have it up and running. It is running like a champ. I haven’t put it under a full load yet but i did test it with 12 routers and 11 EBGP connections. CPU utilization was less than %20. Also, I am running XP 64-bit. So for those that aren’t familiar with linux, don’t worry XP 64-bit can easily handle the fully CCIE lab with the following PC Specs:

Intel Q9550 processor,  4 GIG DDR3 RAM, MSI X48C Motherboard and Adaptec ANA-62044 quad port nics.

Also, on a side note. When I installed my quad port nics and rebooted my computer, windows XP 64-bit auto installed them. So no worries with the quad port nics, they are working just fine :]

I hope this helps those who are looking at a good GNS3 Server build. This build is exactly what I was looking for. I am now just waiting on purchasing 4 3550’s and my CCIE R&S lab will be complete. So stay tuned because I will be posting videos on my youtube channel ( on how to setup the pc and switches for the R&S lab.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Passed CCIE R&S Written

September 17, 2009

Well, I passed the CCIE R&S Written yesterday. Now I can finally dedicate all my time to doing labs. I think that is my best way that I learn, so I will continue to do labs and break stuff to find out what is going and why. Now I will buy my layer 3 switches and quad core computer to practice for the lab exam. I’ll keep you all posted.


September 7, 2009


In this video I configure the following:

IP Protocol Independent Multicast Dense Mode (PIM-DM)


In this video I configure the following:

RIPV2 on 6 routers
RIPV2 plain text and md5 authentication
Detailed look at rip hop count metric